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> Features & Advantage
Identification Kml001 (Kominox)
Chemicals name Sodium metaarsenite
Molecular formula NaAsO2
Molecular weight 129.9 g/mol
Purity > 99.8%
Solubility at water > 98 %
Biosorb rate more then 94.5%
Kominox is an arsenic-based new oral drug. There might be AsO2- ion in drinking water, sea weeds and plants. Compared to arsenic oxides such as As2O3, Kominox showed excellent tolerability. Kominox exerts anticancer activity and cancer pain-relieving efficacy by regulating gene expression and signal pathways in human body. The effectiveness is being verified in several non-clinical or clinical studies.

Arsenic as a chemical element (symbol As) occurs in many minerals, usually in conjunction with sulfur and metals, and also as a pure elemental crystal. Arsenic trioxide (As2O3) can be generated via routine processing of arsenic compounds including the oxidation (combustion) of arsenic and arsenic-containing minerals in air.

2 As2S3 (orpiment)+ 9 O2 → 2 As2O3 + 6 SO2

Although As2O3 (or As2O6) was developed and used as an anti-cancer therapeutic, it is not popular because of its severe toxicities.
> Differences

Kominox is a relatively safe drug with very high water solubility compared with arsenic trioxide.
According to X-ray crystallography data, these two materials have completely different molecular structures.

X-ray crystallographic data from Acta Cryst. (2004). C60, m215-m218
X-ray crystallographic data from P. Ballirano, A. Maras (2002). Refinement of the crystal structure of arsenolite, As2O3

> Mechanism
· Cancer cells are those that have undergone abnormal mutations that cause rapid cell division
· Early stage cancer cells are sometimes short-lived due to the erosion of telomeres caused by rapid cell division
· Such shortening of telomeres causes cancer cells to die prematurely and be eliminated
· However, malignant cancer cells produce telomerase, which is an enzyme that inhibits telomere shortening, allowing cancer cells continue to grow and
· Thus, telomerase is a key factor in cancer pathology and KOMIPHARM considers telomerase to be an important target in cancer therapy
· KOMIPHARM’S new drug (NaAsO) eliminates cancer cells by selectively binding to telomeres of cancer cells
· NaAsO can treat cancer with minimal side effects because of its special molecular structure and high affinity for cancer cells with characteristically
  shortened telomeres, while healthy cells are unaffected (Telomeric Sequences and Erosion paper)

Telomere shortening by Kominox

> Mechanism

· Current cytotoxic anticancer agents primarily kill mature cancer cell populations but cannot eradicate cancer stem cells.
  As a result, the cancer recurs in the form of metastatic cancer and the tumor consists of more aggressive cancer stem cells.

· In order to treat metastatic cancer, a therapeutic agent capable of removing both mature cancer cells and cancer stem cells is essential.

· Scientific studies have shown that the role of cancer stem cells in the occurrence of metastatic cancer is close to 100%.

· Kominox, which we are developing, has the ability to kill 99% of the cancer stem cells of metastatic cancers metastasized from cancer cells sensitive to primary cancers.

> Anti- tumor effect

Antitumor effect of Kominox in a xenograft nude mouse model

Anti-tumor effects of Kominox in a xengraft nude mouse model.
> Anti- tumor effect

Results of 200 cancer cell killing experiments conducted to measure anticancer effects of new drugs by using nano-technology testing method by national research institutes in Australia