"R&D on KOMINOX has Conducted by top-level research centers
& hospitals around the world."
ManufacturingAPI/Product - "S" company in UK
- "S" company in USA
Preclinical Studies - Notox (Netherlands )/ Chem-on
- MDS Pharma (USA)/Oncotest(Germany)/Bolder BioPath (USA)
- Univ. Maryland/Wayne State Univ /Univ. Montreal/ Univ. Texas Medical center, Univ. Queensland
- Hanyang Univ./Ewha Univ./Gachon medical center/Seoul Asan Hospital/Samsung Seoul Hospital
Clinical Studies - Seoul Nat. Univ. hospital/ Yonsei severance Hospital/Hanyang Univ. Hospital/ Samsung Seoul hospital/Seoul Asan hospital (Korea)
- Univ. of Maryland Greenbaum Cancer Center(USA)
- Molecular and Clinical Research (Germany): 4 research centers including Fach-und Belegarzt fur Urologie(Germany) - Flinders University (AU)
CRO - Covance (USA) - auditing clinical trial
- IPSS (Germany)/CCDRD(Germany)/B&H /Dream CIS/C&R research
- B&G (AU)
Patent - McDermott Will & Emery (U.S.A.)
- Law firm KwangJang (Korea)/ Law firm Sejong (Korea)