신약개발 History

Feb 2001
Apr 2003
Confirmed an anti-cancer efficacy from In-vitro experiment and animal test at
ONCOTEST Gmbh by Prof. Dr.H.H.Fiebig inf Friburg college of medicine in Germany.
Jul 2003
Jun 2004
Confirmed A safety from toxicity test at NOTOX(toxicity special agency)
in the Netherlands.
Confirm an efficacy and safety from Phase I study on prostate cancer patient in Germany.
Conducted a Phase 18 clinical test on lung cancer patients at Maryland College of
Medicine in Baltimore, US and the results were presented at ASCO conference in USA on May, 2013
Conducted several clinical tests in South Korea to confirm a safety and anti-cancer efficacy
and the tests are in progress.
(Attending institutions are Seoul National University Hospital, Severance Hospital,
Asan Medical Center, Hanyang University Hospital, Sun-chun-hyang University hospital,
Samsung Medical Center, Busan University Hospital and etc.
Mar 2008
Dec 2010
Phase II A+B clinical test for cancer pain patients is in progress at the 10 hospitals
in Australia now.
As we make progress, we hired third-party company, called COVANCE in New Jersey, US
un order to check any missing points on the overall project from the objective perspective.
KMFDS(Korea Ministry of Food Drug Safety) designated Komoniox project as the first
"PAM NAVI", which is geared to proactively support the commercialization and
globalization of the new drug.
Aug 2016
Kominox was approved for Special Access Scheme Category B by Therapeutic Goods
Administration is Australia.